The Five Most Amazing Things To Do On The Ningaloo Reef

Throughout the vast majority of Australia, natural beauty is definitely not in short supply. The island’s beaches, mountain ranges, valleys, and oceans attract thousands of tourists every year. Pictures of exotic animals and breathtaking views have long been associated with this country, its history, and its people’s current lifestyle.

Among the others, though, there’s one location that deserves all of the attention it can get. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011, the Ningaloo Reef is the perfect destination for your next trip to Western Australia! Are you already planning a visit? Here’s our list of the five most amazing things you’ll be able to do while there!

Number #5: Explore The Environment Around You

The Ningaloo Reef spans from Exmouth to the north to Coral Bay to the south. Its 260 km offer plenty to see and experience. Spend the first few days of your journey familiarizing with what’s around you and try to take in as much as you can.

Hire a car, find a bike or simply let your feet decide where to go next. Don’t forget to take plenty of water with you and stay hydrated. Temperatures in the area tend to touch the high 30s in the summer!

Number #4: Go On A Shooting Spree; With Your Camera!

Why would you ever buy an expensive souvenir when photos work just as well? The Ningaloo Reef is scattered with amazing scenery that could make for a valuable collection of pictures.

Simply take out your phone or camera, aim, and shoot! You could always challenge yourself to find specific subjects or to create images that convey a certain message!

Number #3: Enjoy The Cuisine

Western Australia is particularly renowned for the wine and the fine food that accompanies it. While on a trip to the region, it would be unwise to ignore these part of its culture!

Take some time to visit a restaurant and allow the menu to enthrall your senses. Try the seafood, the meat, and don’t forget the traditional desserts. Match each dish to the right bottle and your holidays will soon turn into a foodie’s dream!

Number #2: Meet and Greet The Local Wildlife

According to scientists, the reef hosts more than 2000 different species. Birds, fish, mammals, and marsupials populate each of this areas’ crevices, caves, bays, and trees.

While hunting and fishing are strictly regulated, you can still get out there and see just how many you can spot!

Number #1: Swim With The Whale Sharks

Perhaps the most popular piece of fauna that you’ll encounter is the whale shark. These placid giants elected the Ningaloo Reef as their temporary home and have no problem sharing it with us, humans.

Between 200 and 500 whale sharks swim close to the coast every year, giving tourists a unique opportunity. To interact with these majestic animals, just book one of the whale shark swim tours and enjoy a whole day of fun. You’ll be able to meet whale sharks and humpbacks up close, swim together, and bring home an incredible story to talk about!

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