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Even if you are more of a city person, you do not want to miss a trip to the Perth beaches while visiting this amazing city. Whether you are looking for somewhere to surf or take an evening stroll by the beach, Perth has it all! Less than a 30-minute drive from CBD will take you to the best beaches in Perth where white sand meets turquoise waters.

There are 80 km of spectacular beaches in Perth stretched out on the coastline waiting for you to enjoy the sunshine and ocean views. The best time to visit is from December to March, but even in the winter, a walk on the beach is always a good idea.

In the summer, Perth beaches are cooled by the ocean breeze called the Fremantle doctor. This is the reason why Perth is also popular for wind and kitesurfing. Don’t let this fact fool you, in the summer, it can still get very hot, and the best time to go to the beach is before noon. During the hottest hours, better to enjoy Perth beaches from the distance while sitting at a café and sipping your cold drink.

Best beaches in Perth for everyone

Let’s start by mentioning the best beaches in Perth that have a little bit for everyone, whether you are an experienced swimmer or a family travelling with kids.



Definitely number one on the list, Cottesloe beach has consistent waves and is suitable for all types of swimmers. Soak up the sun, as you sit on the sand or grass while taking in incredible views of the crystal blue water. There is no better place than Cottesloe beach for sunset lovers to end their day. During summer, you can get lucky and see the exhibition of Sculptures by the Sea, and wander around while checking out the art and watching surfers.

Photo credit: Herry Lawford/CC BY 2.0



Especially popular among young adults and backpackers, Scarborough beach is a dream place for social gatherings and one of the best beaches in Perth. Here you can catch a wave for surfing or boogy-boarding, or find some shade for a family picnic at the lawned area with trees. This beach is particularly nice, as there are many restaurants, nightclubs and accommodation options around. If you feel more adventurous, head to the nearby Mettams Pool, a fabulous spot for snorkelling. If you prefer solitude and space to yourself, walk towards Brighton Beach, which has less people, but still as lovely as Scarborough.

The bays of Rottnest Island

If you want to get a dose of Vitamin Sea, this is the place to go! Rottnest Island has some stunning beaches with picturesque nature and fascinating wildlife. Pale sand beaches, crystal clear blue sea, crescent shaped bays and an island’s slow motion lifestyle. Swimming, snorkelling, boating, kayaking, picnics – everything is available for you in this paradise.

One of the most popular bays on the island, the Basin, is a unique swimming bowl formed by nature. Its sandy bottom is shallow, so no need to worry about the depth or waves. Other favourites are Pinky Beach, Longreach, Geordie, Thompson, Little Parakeet, Salmon and Little Armstrong bays. Eating fish and chips while overlooking the ocean may become your favourite moment of your vacation.

Photo credit: Robert Young/CC BY 2.0

City Beach

City Beach is among the best beaches in Perth due to its calm nature compared to other Perth beaches. It is usually quieter and has less people than the other beaches in the area. What a beautiful spot to finish your morning jog and follow it by a dip in the ocean! Fabulous restaurant options, grass parklands and BBQ areas allow you to bring family and friends here to enjoy a full day of fun activities like volleyball, boogie-boarding, sunbathing or water games.


Port and Leighton Beaches

Port Beach and nearby Leighton Beach are closer to the charming port city of Fremantle. When visiting this area, make sure to drop by these beaches for a moment or two. These beach spots are great for swimmers, stand-up paddle boarders and families with kids. On Leighton Beach, there was an artificial reef built to create good waves for surfers.


South beach

South Beach is another brilliant spot in the area. It is always calm and is super family-friendly with all the children’s playgrounds available. Old coastal trees and pines create a shade for you on a hot summer day. There are also grass and BBQ areas for a relaxing picnic with your friends and family. During the summer months, you can find the Saturday Sunset food market, which brings community together to share food and listen to live music.

Photo credit: Sam Wilson/CC BY-SA 2.0

The best Perth beaches to match your style

Now let’s get a little bit more specific. We know that dog-lovers, surfers, nudists and families with young kids all want something a little different. Here are our top recommendations depending on your preferences.

Best Perth beaches for surfing

Perth is not as famous for its surfing as other parts of Australia. Despite that, those who cannot live without the board will still be able to find good spots for splashing their adrenaline while catching the wave. Without any doubt, Trigg is the best beach for surfing. Due to its popularity, come earlier to avoid crowds. It is also a nice beach for boogie-boarding, jogging, long walks or watching surfers. Scarborough and Brighton are other Perth beaches suitable for surfing.

Beaches in Perth for families with kids

Hillarys Boat Harbour is one of the safest options for families with young kids. The beach is surrounded by rock walls and jetties that protect your little ones from the big waves. South beach, Port beach and City beach are also family-friendly and calmer than other Perth beaches.

Dog-friendly Perth beaches

Everybody melts when they see a dog playing in the sand or waves, but not everyone likes their beach trip to be interrupted by barking dogs and “sandy attacks”. Specifically for this purpose, the city offers dog beaches in Perth.

The number of Perth beaches where you can show up with your pet is quite large. Here are some of the dog beaches in Perth: Army Beach (the southern part of City Beach), Hillarys Dog Beach, South Beach (the northern part), Mosman Beach (Fremantle), North Leighton, Grant Street Beach (Cottesloe), North Floreat Beach, Bennion Beach (Trigg), Waterman Beach South (North Beach).

Best beaches in Perth for nudists

Swanbourne Beach is the best spot for those who hate tan lines and like freedom. We should mention that it is not only designed for nudists, the southern part is perfect for regular beachgoers and sun worshippers. Finally, on your way to the northern part of Swanbourne Beach, you will see an official clothing-optional sign; this is where your haven is if you are looking for a nude beach. The area is hidden from a public eye, which gives you a lot of privacy.

Perth beaches: Hidden gems

Sandtrax is a lovely beach you should check out if you want to go a little bit off the radar. Like other Perth beaches, it has soft white sand and scenic views. It is relatively small, but also has fewer people than other nearby beaches in Perth like Port beach. The breakwater of Fremantle Port protects the beach from winds and waves, which is why the beach is calm most of the time.


Tours to explore Perth beaches

If you have no time to plan your trips to the beaches that are not as easily accessible, here are our recommendations:

Rottnest Island Tour from Perth or Fremantle
Rottnest Island Roundtrip Fast Ferry from Hillarys Boat Harbour
Rottnest Island Snorkeling Cruise
Penguin and Seal Island Kayak Tour
Perth Beaches and Fremantle Coast Helicopter Tour

Photo credit: Robert Young/CC BY 2.0


Tours along the Coral Coast

If you are that lucky to have more time in Western Australia during your vacation and you adore beaches, you should head to the city of Exmouth along the Coral Coast. Some unique nature and experiences are waiting for you.

You will be able to visit the lunar-like Pinnacles desert and Hamelin Pool that will give you an idea what Earth looked like 3,500 million years ago. Camping near the World Heritage sites of Shark Bay and Ningaloo is worth a lifetime of memories that will make your trip unforgettable. In Monkey Mia, you can interact with wild dolphins in their natural habitat. For more snorkelling, swimming and exploring marine life, head to the Coral Bay and Exmouth.

Here are the best tours to cover everything along the Coral Coast:
14-Day Perth to Perth tour via Broome Including Karijini, Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth
4-Day Monkey Mia Tour Including Wild Dolphin Encounter, The Pinnacles and Kalbarri
3-Day Monkey Mia Dolphins, Pinnacles Desert and Kalbarri National Park Tour from Perth


Life is better at the beach, especially if you happen to be on one of the best beaches in Perth. Enjoy the typical Aussie laid back experiences on the coast – drink beer overlooking the ocean, watch sunset at Cottesloe beach, surf at the Trigg and simply enjoy the sunshine. Wait no longer, grab your sunscreen and head out to explore the Perth beaches!

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