Perth attractions: 14 best things to do in Perth

Things to do in Perth, Perth attractions, What to do in Perth

In line with what you would expect from one of the top 3 places to live in WA, Perth has many incredible activities to enrich your holidays, including sightseeing, encountering wildlife, learning about Aboriginal culture, to having aquatic fun and desert adventures. Perth attractions and activities are sure to provide something for everyone during their stay in this sunniest capital of Western Australia.

Perth attractions & Things to do in Perth

Consider yourself lucky if you can spare at least a week for your Perth vacation. The never-ending list of things to do in Perth will easily make you feel like you need more time to roam around this vibrant city and its surroundings.

Perth is a perfect base for exploring the region and making day trips to the wonderful surrounding areas. Here you can read about the best tours to visit famous Perth attractions. Now let’s dive into the things to do in Perth and its surroundings!

Enjoy the panoramic views from Kings Park

Kings Park and Botanic gardens

Kings Park is one of the largest city parks in the world and one of the main Perth attractions. A large portion of the park is made up of native bushland with hundreds of native plant species and around 80 species of birds. Not only does it offer you breathtaking views of the city, but also all the facilities to enjoy a nice relaxing day with friends and family.

Kings Park also has a number of open parkland areas, lookout points, the State War Memorial and statues, and is a great destination for sightseeing, picnics, walking, cycling, friends gatherings and taking in the magnificent views of the city. And all these are among free things to do in Perth! From here, you can easily reach other famous Perth attractions.

Walk on Rottnest Island’s beautiful beaches

When you are in Perth, it is definitely worth taking a ferry and paying a visit to Rottnest Island. Here you can find picturesque white sand beaches with clear bays for snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, or having a picnic with a stunning view. If you do not want to deal with the planning, check out these tours from Perth to Rottnest Island:

Rottnest Island Tour from Perth or Fremantle
Rottnest Island Roundtrip Fast Ferry from Hillarys Boat Harbour
Rottnest Island Snorkeling Cruise

Learn about Fremantle’s history

Fremantle is a town that is as beautiful as the sound of its name. It is just a short trip from Perth to get there, and you absolutely cannot miss it. This is the best place to eat the catch of the day, learn about the local breweries, and join the crowd for various food, music and art festivals.

There are many Perth cruises, and the trip to Fremantle along the Swan River is definitely a must-do. Besides all the other romantic things to do in Perth, taking your partner for a night out in this bohemian town will become an unforgettable experience. Here are some ideas for a trip to Fremantle:

Perth and Fremantle Tour Including Fremantle Prison and Dinner
Perth and Fremantle Tour with Optional Swan River Cruise
Perth Lunch Cruise including Fremantle Sightseeing Tram Tour


Enjoy the sunset at Cottesloe beach

Of all the Perth attractions, Cottesloe beach is another must-see during your stay in Perth. For a very long time, Cottesloe beach has been a favourite seaside destination of the locals. This spot is great for swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing.

End your day with a perfect dining experience while watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean. To read about other beaches in Perth and see which one suits you best, check out this article.



Have a blast at the Swan Valley

Another spot for a gastronomic celebration is Swan Valley. This is the oldest wine region in Western Australia. It does not matter whether you are a wine or beer person, or a foodie, you will have a blast here. Handcrafted beer gardens and authentic wineries offer their perfected drinks served with fresh local delicatessen.

Swan Valley also gathers artists together all year round, so you can explore art galleries and workshops in between delicious meals! The best way to get there is to join one of the tours available or to rent a car.

Play with dolphins in Rockingham and Mandurah

Rockingham and Mandurah are places that offer memorable family experiences – dolphin encounters, kayaking, boating, fishing and swimming.

To meet penguins, sea lions and various sea birds, continue to the Penguin Island. Perth tours to these areas are best taken between September and early June:

Swim with Dolphins in Rockingham
Penguin and Seal Island Kayak Tour
Mandurah Dolphin and Scenic Canal Cruise


Encounter native animals at the Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo

Only 5 minutes from the city centre, Perth Zoo offers the opportunity to see wildlife up close, in natural habitat settings. Perth Zoo exhibits include the Australian Walkabout, which houses such animals as kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, dingoes, reptiles, wetland and rainforest animals. Perth Zoo also showcases the African savanna, the Asian rainforest, as well as the Nocturnal House and World of Birds.

For lunch you can cook yourself a barbeque meal on the facilities available, have a picnic, or stop by at the Zoo Cafe for a meal or snack. Special events are also held over the summer months, such as evening concerts on the main lawn. If you are travelling with kids, choosing between things to do in Perth, this Zoo adventure should be on the top of your list.

See the Perth Bell Tower


The Swan Bell Tower was opened in Perth in December 2000 and has since been one of the most popular Perth attractions for visitors. It comprises a green glass spire surrounded by copper “sails”, and is home to 18 bells making this the largest change ringing instrument in the world.

The bells came from the Parish of St. Martin in the Field of London, and were given to the City of Perth as a gift to celebrate the Australian Bicentennial.


Join one of the Perth city tours

There are plenty of things to do in Perth itself. If Perth is new to you, start from the city sightseeing and stroll through the most popular streets and neighbourhoods.

If you do not have that much time or prefer seeing everything with a guide, check out these Perth city tours:
Perth Segway Tour
History, Culture and Heritage Walking Tour of Perth
Perth Sightseeing Pass


Take a Stargazing Night Hike with Perth Observatory

Are you looking for something different to do in the Perth Hills? Why not pay a visit to Western Australia’s oldest observatory – the Perth Observatory – located in the beautiful Bickley Valley? Prepare to be amazed and inspired by the incredible array of glittering globular clusters, nebulae, planetary bodies and much more.

Allow their team of dedicated and passionate volunteers to take you on a tour of the magical southern hemisphere sky through a range of historical and modern telescopes. Night sky tours, which currently run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, are the perfect opportunity to learn about the universe around us and see firsthand the incredible sights on display.


Check out the Barracks Arch

Image credit: Joel Kininmonth

Originally the archway to the Enrolled Pensioner Guards Barracks, which were built in 1863, and contained 2 wings of 120 rooms. The Barracks were used for housing Enrolled Pensioner Guards and their families who protected the public against the convicts in the mid to late 1800s.

By the late 1880s, the Pensioner Forces were disbanded in favour of a police force, although the barracks continued to be used for various purposes. This freestanding arch is all that is left of the building after demolition commenced in the 1960s to make way for the freeway, and public protest at the time was enough to save this small remnant of the barracks from demolition to provide a reminder of what was at the site in early settler times.

Learn about the history of the Perth Mint

Perth Mint

The Perth Mint was established in 1899 making it Australia’s oldest mint still in operation. Its original purpose was to make gold sovereigns for the British Empire, however these days the mint produces precious metal coins for collectors and coin investors, which are highly regarded worldwide.

A visit to the mint offers the chance to see the largest collection in Australia of natural gold nuggets, including the Golden Beauty nugget, as well as precious coins being pressed, and molten gold being poured to make a gold bar in the original melt house.


Pay a visit to the Old Mill

old mill

Built in 1835, the Old Mill in Perth is one of the city’s oldest historic landmarks. Quietly nestled between the freeway and the Swan River, you could easily pass by without even noticing, however once you pass through the gates, you get a strange feeling of being transported to another era when Perth was just emerging as a colony.

This historic treasure was almost lost in 1955 when the first plans for the Perth freeway went right through the mill, however the Western Australia Historical Society and Perth citizens united to save this lovely building and it is now under the protection of the National Trust.


Roam around London Court

London Court

Set amongst modern skyscrapers in the heart of Perth City is Perth’s London Court. Built in 1937, this small pedestrian “street” is located between the Hay Street Mall and St. Georges Terrace, and has a very similar feel to the Tudor style buildings of England. As you walk through London Court, you will experience a charming atmosphere of small shops and cafes along the way.

London Court also has many fine details which you need to look for or else you may miss them, including statues of Sir Walter Raleigh and Dick Whittington, moldings, wind vanes and stairways which take you to the windows overlooking the court.


This article covers only the main things to do in Perth and Perth attractions. Listing all of them is almost impossible, as the list is endless and there is always new things to do in Perth that come up. To give the insights of Perth attractions, please share your ideas below!