Perth Busses

Perth buses will be helpful if you are planning to stay in the city, otherwise, you might want to consider renting a car. Perth public transport offers regular bus services to both the Perth City centre, as well as suburban areas of the Perth metropolitan area. Bus services also extend to the coastal city of Fremantle south of Perth.

Perth Buses Timetables

Buses run regularly during the week, with scaled down services available on weekends. Bus timetables and route information is available from Transperth Information centres located at the Wellington Street Bus Station and the Perth City Train Station, both located on Wellington St in the Perth CBD, the Esplanade Busport on Mounts Bay Road Perth, and the Plaza Arcade between Hay and Murray St Perth. Many Perth buses are wheelchair friendly and are fitted with ramps and other devices to provide wheelchair access.

Free Transit in Perth

Perth has a fleet of small buses known as CATs which stands for Central Area Transit System. These buses service popular tourist areas in the Perth city centre and Fremantle CBD, and are free to use. To catch a CATs bus, wait at the special bus stops as pictured below and the driver will stop for you. For information on when the next CAT bus is due to arrive, press the information button at the bus stop. CAT services have also commenced in the Joondalup CBD.

The Red CAT

The Red CAT travels in an East to West direction, right through the heart of the Perth CBD including Hay and Murray Street, with stops at the Perth bus and train terminals on Wellington St. Buses run every 5 minutes on weekdays and every 25 minutes on weekends. There is no service on public holidays.

The Blue CAT

The Blue CAT travels in a North to South direction, from the Perth foreshore and Barrack Square to Northbridge. The Blue CAT bus service runs every 7 minutes during weekdays, and every 15 minutes on Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday. There is no service available on public holidays.

The Yellow CAT

The Yellow CAT travels in a East to West direction, including Wellington St, and the Perth Bus and train stations. The Yellow CAT service runs every 10 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends. There are no services on public holidays.

The Fremantle CAT

The Fremantle CAT travels throughout the Fremantle CBD including the Fremantle train station, and operates every 10 minutes on weekdays, weekends and most public holidays.

Ferry Service in Perth

A daily ferry service operates in Perth connecting the Perth Esplanade with the South Perth foreshore on the opposite side of the Swan River. The ferry departs approximately every 20-30 minutes from the Barrack Street Jetty on Riverside Drive in Perth and takes you to the Mends Street jetty on the South Perth Esplanade. The ferry can be taken from either jetty, and the trip one way takes approximately 7 minutes. Tickets are available from vending machines on both jetties. Ferry services begin at approximately 7.30am on weekdays and 8.00am on weekends and continue throughout the day until approximately 7.20pm at night.


If you are planning to stay in the city only and have flexible schedule, Perth buses might be sufficient for you. However, if you are eager to explore the Perth area or Margaret River region, it is highly recommended to rent a car because of long distances and convenience.