Perth Transportation

Getting around in Perth may seem like just a surfboard at the beach—and trust us, that definitely works too!—but the city is well-equipped for managing the journeys of its travelers and finding the right route for you is just a matter of narrowing down the options.

Here are detailed breakdowns of your major options: Perth Trains, Perth Busses, Perth Airport.

For general information, here are brief descriptions of the major ways to get around Perth.


Bus, Train, & Ferry

TransPerth is the answer to public transportation in the city, and it includes bus, train, and ferry networks to get you where you’re going in the city. To check out the timetables or engineer a perfect trip for your day agenda, check out their website and journey planner. From disability services to rules about animal travel, the public transportation system is a great alternative to walking or taking a taxi along your journeys.

With TransPerth, there are two convenient ways to paying for travel: cash tickets and Smart Rider Cards. Both allow you to use the bus, train, and ferry interchangeably.

Cash tickets are based on two different variables: time and zone. Every time you purchase a time ticket, the expiration time and date will be included on the ticket stub. The expiry time and zones allowed depends on which cash ticket you buy, and multiple ones can be purchased. If you plan on traveling all day, the Day Rider and Family Rider prices per day are $12.10 for all zones within a 24 hour period and are most cost effective if you plan on traveling throughout the city.

The Smart Rider card is a rechargeable transportation card with discounts between 15-25% that apply to your fares, including additional pricing discounts for students. The Smart Rider card is most cost effective for solo travelers who plan on traveling within the Perth are for more than a few days, as the discounts per zone are great deals. To check out the regular rates and the Smart Rider discount, visit

Passengers should be mindful of the promptness of the buses, trains, and ferries, and arriving five to ten minutes prior to the arrival time is advised.


Uber Perth

Uber is a popular fixture in Perth, and a great alternative to a taxi or public transportation. With regular fare (at $10.00 for basic fair and $.68 per minute plus $2.04 per kilometer) and UberX, a new discounted fare (at $2.35 for basic fair and $.40 per minute plus $1.15 per kilometer). Download the app and update your city details to Perth, Australia to calculate your fare estimate or to order a ride, or check out their website at Uber Perth.



In Perth, you can catch a taxi one of 5 ways: call a taxi company, use a smartphone app, go to a taxi stand, hail a cab, or make a direct arrangement with a driver. When it comes to Perth, there are two reliably taxi company’s in Perth: Swan Taxis and Black and White cabs, and they both have reliable smart phone apps. Fares as illustrated by the taxi council of Western Australia can be anywhere between $1.69 per kilometer to $2.51 per kilometer. Additional surcharges will apply for peak taxi times, additional passengers, and holidays.

The safest way to ride a taxi in Perth is either to hail a cab from a supervised taxi rank or to call ahead via mobile or taxi service app. When you phone a taxi company, your request automatically gets saved into the company’s database, which can be helpful in the case of lost property. Allow for additional travel time for weekends and holidays.



For transportation from the airport, the Perth Airport provides a shuttle service to and from the airport with 5 convenient locations for drop-off and pickup. These locations include East Perth train station, WA Museum on Beaufort Street, Wellington Street, opposite the YHA Backpackers Hostel, The Kings Perth Hotel, corner of Pier and Hay Streets, and The Ambassador Hotel, Adelaide Terrace. Tickets are $15 dollars per person for one-way travel.


Car rental

Renting a car is a great option if you have enough time to explore both Perth city and the surrounding region. Amazing beaches are just half an hour drive away from Perth. The charming city of Fremantle is also within the same distance and is definitely worth paying a visit. If you plan to visit Swan Valley, renting a car is essential, unless you prefer joining one of the Swan Valley tours. If you want more of an adventure, add a road trip to South West or the Coral Coast of Australia to your itinerary. Note that you will need to pay for parking in the central areas of Perth. However, it should not be an issue if you are staying in South Perth or one of the other suburbs, where parking is often free at your hotel.

For the best prices on car rentals, we recommend booking through Holiday Autos.

Whether you are planning an extravagant night out in the city or a journey to the outskirts, there are plently of options that will get you where you want to go.