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This article is the ultimate guide  if you are deciding where to eat in Perth, and which ones of the best restaurants in Perth you should visit.

Food quality is one of the main criteria that forms one’s impression of a country or city. Good quality food can make the worst looking city look beautiful, while the most wonderful city can become dull in your eyes if you can not receive any gastronomic satisfaction there. For you to see the best side of Perth restaurants scene, here is the list of the best restaurants in Perth.

Best restaurants in Perth

We organised the best restaurants in Perth into categories to match your budget and mood: Fine Dining, Mid-range Perth restaurants, Cheap Eats, Wineries, and Restaurants with the Swan River view. When choosing where to eat in Perth, do not forget to take a look at this list!

Fine dining


Friends Restaurant

Located in Perth CBD, Friends restaurant was created to fill out the niche of fine dining place with a friendly atmosphere. The ambience is indeed very relaxing and comforting. This is one of the best restaurants in Perth, where you can meet old and new friends for a wonderful evening with music and entertainment.

The restaurant features modern Australian cuisine, where authentic notes meet contemporary ideas and create divine meals. No wonder, the Chef of Friends restaurant has mastered his skills while working at two Michelin-Star restaurants in France, and premium class restaurants in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Here at the restaurant, they offer customised menus for private dining, cabaret events, weddings and other special occasions.


Opus Restaurant

A beautifully designed restaurant, Opus, creates a fabulous space for fine dining with exceptional service, attention to detail, significant selection of wines and stunning meals. Award-winning cuisine is a fine combination of French and Australian culinary techniques, and makes this place a Must-visit on the list of where to eat in Perth.

As you enter the restaurant, you are instantly teleported to a state-of-the-art place with elelegant tables and creative lighting. The restaurant also offers a private dining experience for groups. When visiting Opus, consider trying out a degustation food pallette with sensational wine pairings.



If you are looking for an amazing gastronomic experience, Wildflower is the place to go. Located in the luxury hotel called COMO The Treasury, it holds the same standards of top-notch service and impressive quality. The restaurant offers seasonal menus and focuses on preparing meals from fresh local produce, which will give you a chance to experience true Western Australian dining.

You can try out Wildflower’s 5-course degustation set with the respective wine pairings. Speaking of wines, the wine selection is huge and will cater to everybody’s taste. Still wondering why Wildflower is one of the best restaurants in Perth? Choose to seat at the balcony or by the window, enjoy the city views while overlooking Swan River, and see it yourself!

Mid-range Perth restaurants



If you are thinking of where to eat in Perth with your friends that is a fancy place, but still has a relaxing atmosphere, Petition is the answer. Classy, but yet casual, this venue has a few space sections for craft beers, wine and spirits, and dining. The restaurant menu features inventiveness and culinary perfection. Here you can find a dish that adventurous foodies can find appealing – Kangaroo meat.

Located in a historic building, Petition’s design is a mixture of old and new, a loft interior with exposed brick walls adds to a great ambience of the place. Be it a date or a business meeting – Petition has got you covered!


Sentinel Bar & Grill

Praised by both locals and tourists, Sentinel Bar & Grill offers a great value for what you get. Delicious food accompanied by quality wines and beer will tick all the boxes if you are looking for an outstanding gourmet night. The restaurant has three seating areas: an outdoor courtyard, high table bar area and a sit down table area.

The cosy ambience and exceptinal service of Sentinel Bar & Grill places it among the best restaurants in Perth, and makes customer experience flawless. As for food, steaks are incredible here, but there are also vegan and vegetarian options. What’s more, you will sure not leave this restuarant hungry, the sizes of the meals are impressive!


Sayers Sister

If you still wonder where to eat in Perth, check out Sayers Sister. If there was only one thing we had to highlight about this restaurant, it would definitely be their brunches. But not only brunches are special here, the variety and presentation of dishes are extraordinary and will satisfy the most demanding foodie.

Conveniently situated near Hyde Park, this restaurant is a trendy (in a good way) place with a casual atmosphere and quirky interior design. It is a great place to sit back and enjoy your time with friends. The place is often busy, but well worth trying and waiting to get in!

Cheap Eats


Little Willys

Located in Northbridge, Little Willys is a lovely cosy cafe with a homely atmosphere. It is a perfect spot for reading a book or watching people with a cup of aromatic coffee. You will not meet as many tourists here, so it is a nice advantage if you are looking for where to eat in Perth and want a little bit of solitude.

You can choose between indoor and outdoor seatings. While you are here, take a look at the vintage store next door, and maybe you will get lucky to spot a rare antique find. Come by for a delicious brunch and explore this hidden gem!


Francoforte Spaghetti Bar

For the lovers of Italian food, Francoforte Spaghetti Bar serves amazing pasta cooked to perfection and a few other mouthwatering Italian dishes. The list on the menu is short, but brilliant, you will definitely be having hard time choosing between great options of seven different sauces.

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar definitely creates a competition for all the other best restaurants in Perth from the list. Generous servings, exceptional tastes and smooth service…Bon appetit!


Guzman y Gomez Taqueria

As you might have already guessed, Guzman y Gomez Taqueria is a Mexican restaurant. It is located in a small venue with funky design and cool vibes. The advantage of this place is that once you order, your food arrives at the drop of the hat. So if you are looking where to eat in Perth and do not have much time, drop by Guzman y Gomez Taqueria!

Real (read: big) Mexican portions are served here, so no need to worry about walking away hungry. You get to choose from mild to very spicy chili pepper flavour. Each meal can be tailored according to your taste and preferences. Also, get ready for some good Latino music on the back ground!




Ugly Duckling Wines

Not a single person left Ugly Duckling Wines with unsatisfacotory experience. This winery gives you a great inroduction to local wines and the oldest wine region in Western Australia  Swan Valley. The food is cooked from fresh local produce and is sensational, and what is more important, it goes perfectly with wines. 

The live music creates a charming ambience. The staff are wery friendly, fast and knowledgeable about the wines. This winery also provides services for larger groups. Well worth of being one of the best restaurants in Perth, it is a perfect place to spend your Sunday afternoon!


Sandalford Caversham Estate Restaurant

Located about a 20-minute drive from Perth CBD, Sandalford Caversham Estate Restaurant offers a great value and attracts many visitors every day. The staff is very helpful, well-trained and provides fantastic service. If you are eating at the restaurant, you will be offerd a free wine tasting to select your top choice in advance.

Eating at the restaurant will also give you a 25 % for wine purchasing, so buy a bottle or two to share with your friends and family. Whether you decide to eat here, or just taste wines, put Sandalford Caversham Estate Restaurant on your Perth restaurants list!


Upper Reach Winery

Once you visit Upper Reach Winery, there is a high chance you will keep buying their wines regularly, it’s that good. Before eating at the restaurant, you are welcome to sample their wines straight from the cellar to choose what wine you want to accompany your meal.

Being one of the most famous Perth restaurants, Upper Reach Winery also offers accommodation at a little cottage with picturesque views of vineyards. The atmosphere here is nice and relaxing – you can not find a better way to spend a day off. This is definitely one of the top choices of where to to eat in Perth. After your lunch, take a nice stroll through vineyards to the Swan River.

If you prefer to avoid all the planning, but still want to get the best out of Swan Valley, check out this article – Best Swan Valley tours from Perth.


Swan River view


C Restaurant

Where to eat in Perth, if not at C Restaurant, a 360-degree venue with an award-winning view? Not only can you see breathtaking Swan River views, but also the panorama of Perth city from the uprise level.

When it comes to Perth restaurants with a view, food quality and the view should match. This restaurant does not only meet your expectations, but offers spectacular menu and top-notch service to accommodate your needs. C Restaurant is just perfect for fine dining, what could be more impressive for a special ocasion than this?


Rambla on Swan

Located in South Perth, Rambla on Swan is one of the few Perth restaurants with exceptional food, excellent service and stunning views. You can either be seated inside of the restaurant, or at one of the tables on the terrace. This restaurant provides a fine dining experience, but yet has a very relaxing atmosphere.

Rabla on Swan also host various functions and offers private dining services. Whether you have a group business lunch, a wedding or a birthday celebration – Rambla on Swan is one of the top Perth restaurants to consider!

V Burger Bar

For more of a casual meal and moderate prices, head to V Burger Bar at Elizabeth Quay Station Park. This place has an outdoor seating only, and is open for lunch from Sunday to Thursday, and for lunch and dinner from Friday to Saturday. V Burger bar has a few locations in Perth, but this one definitely beats all the others.

While you are waiting for your food, enjoy the views of the Swan River overlooking Elizabeth Quay and South Perth. The menu offers quite a big variety of food, starting from tasty meat burgers and delicious chips, to meatless Guacaloumi burger and salads. Everything is prepared with a great passion, so if you find yourself craving a juicy fresh burger, this is the place to go!



You will sure be having hard time choosing where to eat in Perth due the variety and number of Perth restuarants. If this is your first time in Perth, make sure you choose from our list of the best restrauants in Perth, and Perth restaurants scene will not stop impressing you!

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