Couples Retreat: 15 Romantic Things To Do In Perth

Forget what you heard—Paris isn’t the only romantic place to spend a holiday, and neither are tropical islands in the middle of the ocean or on some European coast.

If you want a sweet getaway that’s a little off the radar, Western Australia is the perfect place to do it, and even if you’re a local and just looking for something out of the “dinner and a movie” sphere, here’s 15 reasons to get romantic in Perth.


Go sand surfing

Within Nambung National Park is a Western Australian tradition that is great for taking a date with a sense of adventure: sand surfing in the Pinnacle Desert is almost as popular as riding real waves. The good surf is in Lancelin, so get ready for a mini-roadtrip!


Picnic in Kings Park

This classic choice for a date means spectacular views and an unbeatable break from the urban ruckus of Perth. Go for an afternoon walk, and park it for a spectacular sunset.


Head to Rottnest Island

Sure this may be a tourist hotspot as well, but it’s rife with romantic gestures. Take in the beautiful scenery, go snorkeling for some underwater adventures, or just take a walk along the beach—it may be a staycation or a first visit, but it’s relaxing and scenic, and there’s nothing more romantic than that.



River Cruise on Swan River

Another tourist favorite, but if you’re a local, you’ve probably never even done the these kinds of things in your own town, and if you’re travelling, of course it’s new to you! So head to the river for some fine dining, and fine sightseeing; it’s definitely out of the box!


Sunset at Cottesloe Beach

There are hundreds of beaches to wander around in Perth, but Cottesloe is by far and a way the most popular one, that if you don’t visit at least once, people will wonder if you even came to Perth at all. Catch a dazzling Indian Ocean sunset over the waves and grab some fish and chips while you chat the night away.


Tandem skydiving

Was sand surfing just a small taste of adventure for you? Then head out of the city for some tandem skydiving, and don’t forget to film the results! It might not be your first choice for a date, but you’ll both certainly love that rush of adrenaline afterwards and it’ll be one hell of a story to tell your friends.




Ride the Zig Zag Road

For those who like to hearken back to the old days of “parking,” the Zig Zag Road might just be right up your alley. While some people like to take the adventure on bike, my favorite is to head up to the top to see the sunset, and then find your way back down in all-wheel drive; it means you can stay out past bedtime and not risk any foreheads going over the handlebars.


Eat at C Restaurant

This culinary creation lands on our romance list simple because it’s got an interesting experience to dining and it’ll definitely be one to spark your interest, and the conversation too. Not only is the food great, but the 360 degree view from the sky is to die for.


Wade to Penguin Island

What person would not want to see penguins in the flesh? Penguin Island is known for it’s great chance to check out these birds up close and personal and you only have to grab a 5-minute ferry ride across the Shoalwater Bay.




Head for Adventure World

If you’re a stickler for the rules, maybe pass out on this one, but anyone who is a kid at heart will love a chance to play and discover at Adventure World. Whether you’re headed for the water slide or the tallest rollercoaster they’ve got, give yourself a day in this theme park to really discover your inner child!


Stargazing at Perth Observatory

Was there anything more romantic ever invented than a night out gazing at the stars? Especially in the Perth Observatory, where you can book out a night, it’s a great way to learn a little about the cosmos and also get a little starry-eyed. If you want to really impress, they also have the option of buying your very own star, and how cool is that?


Tour Wine Country

Just outside the city limits and toward Swan Valley are many wineries that are sophisticated, divine, and will definitely tap into your idea of grown up elegance. For those extra special dates, head out of bustling Perth either under your own steam, or on Travel and Leisure’s Ultimate Wine Guide to swish and feel the lasting aromas (or just to sample some great cheese, really it’s up to you)!




See the sights from a hot air balloon

As over the top as this suggestion may be, it’s certainly one of a kind, and definitely for true romantics, Grab your picnic basket, a blanket and some jackets, and head up into the sky to catch the Perth and Western Australia scenery at its most divine.


Go Wild Dolphin Scouting

This suggestion is for fans of penguin scouting as well, because swimming with wild dolphins is going to make any nature lover go wild. Just 45 minutes south of Perth, the Rockingham Wild Encounters promises interaction with these charming creatures, and there’s no way to beat a guarantee!


Grab a yacht and sail the Indian Ocean

If parking it in the sand isn’t enough for you, break out into the Indian Ocean to chase the sunset all the way until morning—it’s one killer of a first impression. Head out solo and stay all night or charter a trip if you don’t want to do any of the leg work.


Whether it’s date one or date one hundred, whether you’re a tourist or a native, and whether you’re out for a night of fun or to take things to the next level, check out these romantic spots in Perth; you and your date certainly won’t regret it!

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  1. Need a tour arrangement for 1 week vacation in Perth. Any recommendations for good tour agencies in Perth? Travel period March 17-25, 2017.
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  2. Some really great suggestions there. Why not add learn to scuba dive together or head to Rottnest for a day of snorkeling

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