11 Hipster Foodie Hotspots To Check Out

The heart of a generation lies in it’s youth; beginning back in the 1950’s with the worldwide boom of babies everywhere in the wake of World War 2 and the return home of so many soldiers, teenage culture started to reign supreme.

The sentiments of the teeny boppers and the bobby sox generation still rings true today, and not just in dress, but in cultural influence, only they’ve traded slicked back do’s and poodle skirts for artisan-sculpted beards and mod-meets-Mom jeans.

You know what I’m talking about: the Hipsters. The generation of teenagers and young adults that grew up with the internet but prefer newsprint, owned first generation iPods but have more liking for record players, were bought brand new cars as Sweet Sixteen presents but ride bicycles to school and work instead. It’s not just a trend, it’s a movement, and whether you like it or not, they’ve got their pulse on the heart of the best, brightest, and tastiest places out there.

So whether you’re a hipster, the generation that they’ve sculpted themselves after, or something in between, you’ve got to take a test run around these 11 trendy picks that would make any hipster happy.


Toastface Grillah

This hole-in-the-wall may look like the last place you’d expect for gourmet fare, and you might wonder exactly why this spot made the list, but let me tell you, it’s not just the strong and fragrant espressos or the Pear Grillz that will spark your interest, but the constant atmosphere of a hipster hangout and their creative line-up of local entertainment. Travelling around with their grilled sandwiches on wheels, you can also catch Toastface Grillah at all manner of local events, as long as it’s got a sweet underground vibe to it. I suggest grabbing anything with their creative logo on it before they get uber famous; you never know, it could start it’s very own grilled cheese revolution, and who wouldn’t want a bite of that?


Run Amuk Hotdogs

Bratwurst sausage is the name of the game at Run Amuk, and they slay at creating a unique menu to go along with their famous entree. What may seem just your run of the mill hot dog stand is actually a culinary creation so genius it’s actually one of Australia’s favorite places for food, period.

With it’s South Fremantle location, it’s in the heart of all things hipster, and it gets it right with menu items ranging from banana malted milkshakes to the Rascal brat with aged cheddar, whole-grain mustard, and BBQ sauce. If you’re smart, you won’t wander into Fremantle with the intention of stopping by Run Amuk’s if you get the chance; instead you’ll make it reason number one for stopping in the neighborhood in the first place. Take note of the handpainted walls and the creatively designed car collection; it’s just another piece in the one of a kind puzzle that makes Run Amuk’s the place to eat.


The Raw Kitchen

Just around the corner from the Fremantle Town Hall, The Raw Kitchen is a great place to head right after you spend your day wandering around this upbeat area, especially if you’re a fan of reconstructed urban spaces, outdoor seating, and even yoga. So much more than just a restaurant, The Raw Kitchen is a way of life that incorporates healthy exercise, a smoothie bar, and natural fare into their sustainable metropolis and it’s definitely bearded heaven. For some grub, you can eat in-house or grab take-away, because either way you look at it, their constantly changing seasonal menu is full of daring options live avocado lime cake and king oyster mushroom scallops that just can’t be missed.


La Veen Coffee & Kitchen

Whether you’re on the hunt for takeaway coffee or maybe for a taste of their signature summer birchner pudding, La Veen is a local dive that gets you with their cappuccinos on first sip and never quite lets you go. If you’re a cupcake fan, they’re strawberry cheesecake, salted caramel and chantilly cream renditions will set your taste buds on a delicious journey, or if you’re just waiting to find that perfect cup of espresso, no need to look any further: at La Veen, they take their beans really seriously.


The Old Crow

True, it’s not your most affordable place, but The Old Crow belongs on this list simple for their spicy hushpuppies. Not a fan of the simple snack? Then they’ll definitely get you with their specials, from veal tortellini to charred asparagus in an anchovy crumb, and their special events, like their Argentinian Wine Banquet that pairs a four-course spread with 5 excellent wines. Check out their Instagram for a delicious dose of definite food porn, and just make sure you book a reservation on their website or calling—they won’t honor a quick attempt to grab a table via Facebook! Grab a Pimm’s Pitcher and then get acquainted with the menu, it’s going to be a delicious ride.


No Mafia

While Southern Italian might not be your first pick for famed Perth cuisine, No Mafia certainly shines like a star in Northbridge for its clever take on traditional food mixed with a funky atmosphere. Also a great place for the winos, this eatery sports an elegant and eclectic wine list that pairs great with any of the locally sourced dishes.

With a chic, yet off-the-wall interior and a completely relaxed ambience that makes it a favorite for dinner night after a night with the neighborhood and beyond. Closed Mondays but with a killer closing time of “late”—it means your wine night can turn into after hours with no worries—this hotspot deserves a taste test, especially if fusion Italian is your heart’s desire.


Lot Twenty

There has to be something said for Lot Twenty’s modern design; with a spacious outdoor dining area and an open kitchen inside, this is more than just food, it’s an experience. With hipster-friendly locally sourced produce and meats, the menu works best when you mix and match the dinner items to make the perfect combo made just for you (but trust me, if you’re stumped, the wait staff is perfectly capable of conjuring up a perfectly balanced suggestion!). Heirloom beetroot, Tuscan kale, lamb ribs, roast pumpkin, dutch fries and pickled vegetables are just the tip of the iceberg, so book a table at Perth’s “friendliest little bar” for a dining experience you won’t quickly forget.


Willie Wagtail

Willie Wagtail is more than a coffee shop, and if you don’t try their meat-heavy sandwiches, or the Asian chicken salad in particular, you’re just not doing this hipster foodie tour right. From Chicken BLT’s to pumpkin soup, sticky lamb sandwiches and pork belly sliders with apple slaw, it’s a culinary (and cultural) masterpiece that ranges from healthy choices to delicious homemade goodies that maybe wouldn’t make it on your diet, but who cares!

Willie Wagtail is a lunchtime favorite with the locals, and it’s definitely in the cards for it to be your favorite to grab a midday treat as well. And despite the busy location, the outdoor patio area is a great place to relax, enjoy your food, and tap into your inner hipster, so head out and head there, definitely hungry!


Flora & Fauna

This snug little cafe is well known for it’s vegetarian and vegan only menu, which makes it a hit among the Millennials with it’s distinct mark on nature friendly fare. From hand-squeezed (and fresh daily) juices to killer brunch specials on the weekends, Flora & Fauna have the corner market on all things veggie-friendly, but with a kitchen as good as this, you won’t even know the cheesecake is both raw and organic (but even if you did, we like to think that’s a good thing!).

Head to Northbridge for the sweet spot, and take in the great atmosphere (outdoor seatings areas, lots of fresh flowers) while you’re there as well.


Print Hall

Is there anything more hipster than a converted print house that now serves up unbeatable housemade cocktails and inspired dining? Print Hall keeps its historically designed chops and mixes it with four levels of unbeatable mingling and dining experiences, all geared toward the younger, up-and-coming set. With original artwork by Shane West and excellent cuisine by executive head chef Daniel Fisher, grab a table at the main bar or even at The Apple Daily, which mixes Southeast Asian cuisine with modern fare for a sweet fusion menu that just doesn’t stop surprising.


The Terrace

The lone hotel on this list is a hipster haven, and it’s the boutique status of this redesigned 19th century house decked out with Art Deco, original oak panelling, and four poster beds that give it it’s authentic feel, and it’s hipster pass. Located in the ultra-chic West End, great shopping is just a stone’s throw away from the front doors, and great eats are located in-house. From high tea to a sweet cup of coffee, this is the place for a weekend getaway or even a future hipster wedding—just make sure to plan well in advance, this place goes like hotcakes.

Brooklyn may get all the credit for beginning the wave of Hipster influence, but Perth certainly holds its own in the green space, renovated historic buildings, organic fare, and great places to hang out and people watch for homegrown beards.

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