Broome – The Pearl of Western Australia

Booming industry, sunny beaches, and hot weather all year round; whatever your inner tourist is looking for, the Pearl of Western Australia has it all! Founded in the 1880s to control the nearby Roebuck Bay, Broome always played an important role in the region’s development. Although the village was partially destroyed during World War II, it remained a landmark for pearl farmers throughout most of the 20th century.

In recent years, the city evolved to keep up with the world around it. Tourists from all over the country now pour into its streets regardless of the season, boosting the population by up to 300%. The local airport offers daily flights from and to Perth, serving more than 200.000 travelers each year!

Let Personal Taste Choose What You Should Do Next

There’s a reason behind Broome’s renewed popularity. Those who decide to visit can choose among a large group of different activities. No matter what kind of person you are, there’s no doubt that the trip will satisfy your expectations. When choosing accommodation in Broome, make sure to book at least few nights to expore the city.

Are you planning to spend a bit of time in this peaceful speck of Australian life? Here’s what you should definitely check out before you head back home!

• The Breathtaking Horizontal Falls: a unique experience

For many, waterfalls mean heights, rumbling, and danger. Broome’s Horizontal Falls, on the contrary, have nothing in common with what we’re used to seeing. Seawater building on either side of the McLarty Ranges gives life to a spectacular and rather unique phenomenon.

Speedboats and airplanes plunge straight through the gorges, allowing visitors to experience the ocean like they never did before! Several native tribes also inhabit the nearby Buccaneer Archipelago, although they only seldom interact with tourists.

• The white Sands of Cable Beach: a window on the Indian Ocean

22 kilometers wide, the location known as Cable Beach is one of the most famous recreational spots in Australia. The area is perfect for nature enthusiasts, but also offers plenty of other things to do.

Ride a camel along the coast, drive off-road vehicles through the sand, watch the sun set on the Indian Ocean or swim in it at the nearby nude beach; all less than 5 minutes from the city center!

• The Sun Pictures Outdoor Garden: Earth’s oldest open air cinema

Why sit in a cramped and overcrowded movie theater when you could comfortably lay on grass? Broome’s Sun Pictures Movie Garden offers the best of both worlds. The oldest of its kind – dating back to 1913 – this open air theater is the perfect way to enjoy Hollywood’s latest blockbusters.

The venue sits at the heart of the Chinatown district, only meters away from the city’s Visitors Center. When you’re ready to cross it off your bucket list, don’t forget to get there on foot and wallow in the neighborhood’s many cafes, shops, and restaurants!


Broome is a perfect base for exploring the Kimberley region. Follow the dinosaur footprints, enjoy a drink while observing the Staircase to the Moon, or ride a camel at the Cable beach. These memories will last for a lifetime!

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