7 Best Shopping Spots in Perth

There’s a lot to experience in Perth; unforgettable sunsets, pristine beaches, and enough nature adventures to turn you into Crocodile Dundee, but if you don’t bring back a couple of souvenirs, what exactly will you have to show for all of your daredevil antics?

Not just for people hoping to pick up shot glasses (though there are those too!), but for the lovers of the entire “delving headfirst into the goodies”, getting lost between one of a kind treasures, kind of adventure, you’ll want to hit up this list of 7 Perth hot spots for sure. Just take your sense of adventure, plenty of arm muscle for carrying, and a wallet that’s ready to get a little lighter!


The Commercial Pick: Galleria Shopping Centre

The Galleria Shopping Centre is your place for all things shopping: from the comfort of stores like Target and Woolworth’s, this hub for your everyday goods is exactly where to go if you’re in need of a few things while on your journey, or even just for a sight of something familiar while on your travels. Pick up everything from household goods to clothing and accessories, food, and more. Or you could just go on a rainy day for a nice place to eat and catch a movie; everything that you need for your everyday is here!


The Luxury Pick: King Street

Known locally as the “West End,” King Street is full of the Chanel’s, Gucci’s, and Prada’s of the world, so you know real estate along this famous cobblestone street is pretty pricey, and therefore only the best of the best can afford a spot.

Lined with beautiful European-style architecture from the early 19th century and beyond, you can stop by the Tiffany store for a classic piece of jewellery or into the Apple store for the latest Mac gadget. And while nothing comes with a price tag here its as the saying goes, that if you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it, it’s perfectly acceptable to just window shop (and maybe daydream just a little) along the corridor of Hugo Boss, Longchamp, Burberry, Armani and more.


The Tourist Pick: E Shed Markets

Open only on the weekends, this tourist centre is exactly where you want to go to get the little key chains, t-shirts, and Aussie mementos for your trip back home. With bargain pricing and a lively atmosphere, the variety of goods and food here, as well as excellent parking, means it’s also a great place for spending a rainy day. Grab a kebab, a leather messenger bag, and a fluffy kangaroo or koala stuffed animal—it’s quintessential tourist shopping found here, and plenty of it!


The Eclectic Pick: Rockingham Market

Only available between July and December, the Rockingham Markets are your answer for high-end, handmade artisan crafts and state of the art goods in a bustling indoor market that spills out into well-kept gardens, cafes, and places to relax after a long day touring the many stalls inside. Not only great for shopping, it’s also a great place to take the kids; between face painting to live entertainment, there’s plenty to keep the brood busy while you invest in locally designed wares and gourmet foods.


The Homemade Pick: Hay Street & Murray Street Mall

Located in the popular tourist areas of Perth, along corridors with lined with museums, libraries, art galleries, and other tourist attractions, Hay Street and the Murray Street Mall offer everything from bakeries and bookstores to original Aboriginal art. This is the place to pick up clever keepsakes, from Perth made pearl jewellery to handmade masks and didgeridoos for those on your souvenir list, or even as early Christmas present ideas.


The Best Experience Pick: Fremantle Markets

If you go to Perth and don’t visit the Fremantle Markets, you’re definitely missing out. With handmade wooden toys, a baby animals petting zoo, plenty of children’s activities, locally made trinkets, and lots of items that you can cross off of your Christmas shopping list, it’s the one-stop shop that continues to be one of Perth’s most visited attractions every year.

With over 150 stalls and a prime location in the urban and up-and-coming Fremantle area, there is always something special to be found, from delicious goodies to original photography and handpainted wares. If you’re into adventure, and you’ve got the kids in tow, this is definitely one stop you don’t want to miss out on.


The Food Pick: Kalamunda Farmers Markets

Buying straight from the farmer is not an oddity here; in fact, it’s the norm. From fresh meats to locally grown produce, hand-churned butter and privately-owned, organic bee hives, the Kalamunda Farmers Markets include native cuisines and all of the ingredients that go into, right under one (hypothetical) roof.

Just a short stop away from Perth, this charming city offers its seasonal goodies from October to November to celebrate beautiful spring, and all of the delicious foods that come out of it. If you’re headed that way plan on making it a day trip; sip some coffee, enjoy a hot, freshly made biscuit, and fill your baskets to your hearts content, because it’s all delicious.

Whether your heart’s desire be in hand painted pottery or luxury designed day wear, Perth has an answer (and a perfect spot) for all of your shopping adventures—just check out the places on this list! Happy shopping!

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