Kings Park Festival: Where the Wildflowers Are

Kings Park Festival is an annual tradition to glorify the wildflowers, plant life and unique culture of Western Australia. During the entire month of September each year, the Kings Park Festival presents wonderful displays of spring wildflowers and free events for everyone.

In fact, the preparation for the Festival goes all year round, with staff and volunteers planting wildflowers in advance, for you to enjoy their beauty during the Kings Park Festival. This is one of the secrets why Kings Park has the largest presentation of wildflowers from all across the state of Western Australia.

This September lots of walks, outdoor exhibitions, inspiring art installations, music performances, and fun for the entire family take place. Join the celebration of beauty and colour, and you will understand why more than half a million people visit the Kings Park Festival each September!

Check out the Kings Park event page to read more about the latest festival news, events and activities.

6 Comments on “Kings Park Festival: Where the Wildflowers Are

  1. Can I ask you when will be the next years ” Kings Park Wild Flower Festival in 2019 ?
    Please advise me exact date for 2019 fstival ?

  2. For all florist here in Australia, this Kings Park wildflower festival is a must visit. You will the most beautiful wildflowers and features show-stopping floral displays from every region. It is really a one of a kind experience.

  3. Nice Salvias in the photo but they are not native to Western Australia. So many lovely flowers that you could have chosen from

    • Hello Sue,

      Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! We have updated the featured image to the native flora including Black Kangaroo Paws.

  4. Are the rains setting up a good wildflower season in W Australia generally for 2019, or only in some localised areas?

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