17 Apps To Download Before Visiting Perth

There’s a lot of contention when it comes to app-ing on vacation.

Purists the world over will say no phones on vacation, but the Millennial Generation has a more liberal view of trekking with technology and if trends are any indication of the mindset of the masses, you have to go with the new age thinking that says your life will be increasingly easier with the help of handheld technology.

So in a sea of travel apps that may or may not be boosting your fun, here’s the definitive Perth guide on what’s hot for navigating the city.


A new take on the social media world of travel, go beyond Instagram and TripAdvisor by creating your own travel journal with Stellar; it’s an interactive photo, video, and text app that allows for you to share your journey at the touch of a fingertip. Another excellent feature: you can check out the posts by people in your area as well, which could very well influence where you’re heading when you head out for the day. From killer vistas to exact coordinates for the best place to grab street food, give yourself time to take the creative route and post your personal experience; you could be the next big travel blogger!

Available for: iPhone, iPad, iTouch. Price: Free.

Check it out here.

Dark Sky

This isn’t your average free weather app; from stellar time-lapse pictures of approaching systems to linkage with your new Apple watch, it’s a whole lot more than Google Weather. Giving a whole new name to hyper-local weather coverage, the app keeps track of the details so you don’t have to. Heard there was a blizzard on it’s way? With Dark Sky you can see if it’s a week, or 5 minutes, away, and also the precise location from where the weather is coming from. With radar images that follow the exact path of the weather with no delays, it’s safe to head out of the house for milk, or to give the dog a quick walk, even if rain is on it’s way.

Available for: iPhone, iPad. Price: $3.99

Buy it here.


Uber in Perth is as great as Uber everywhere else; the no-cash transactions, taxi tracking devices, and in-system GPS capabilities make this app perfect for people travelling in a new city. Not only do you get a driver who knows their way around, but you don’t have to worry about stopping at the exchange place to grab cash on your way out of the train station or airport so you’re not only saving time but money. With options from premium to low cost, you can estimate fares, locate destinations, and pay, all with the handy app, no strings attached.

Available for: iPhone, Android. Price: Free.

Check it out here.

White Noise

Coming out of left field almost as an ode to the sound machines of old, the White Noise App makes your layover, jetlag, and night owl tendencies from keeping you from getting great sleep and being refreshed in the morning for big adventures the next day. Equipped with an extensive library with everything from urban city mixes to sounds people make, it’s great for crushing insomnia, or even to act as a soundtrack to a quiet workday. With the added benefit of a sleep timer and multiple alarms, you can also rest well knowing that you won’t rest too well and miss your meeting, flight, or favorite place to grab a coffee and sweet.

If you’re worried about your phone batteries running low while you adjust to your new timezone, you might want to consider white noise headphones. They provide the same relief without relying on your phone battery and offer the added benefit of sleep monitoring, relaxing sounds, and a personal alarm clock.

Available for iPhone, iPad. Price: Free.

Download it here.


For the saavy, the new trend is in sending your treasured Instagram apps to friends and family rather than the age old postcard tradition that predicated travelling of the past. But with Postagram, you can combine the new and the old in an app that takes photos directly off of your phone and sends a hard copy, stamp and all, both domestically in the US and internationally. With space to write a private message, doodle on your photo, or the option to send cards in bulk, it’s the perfect answer to getting your friends and family a piece of your travels without having to buy everyone a magnet or shot glass at every destination.

Available for iPhone, iPad. Price. Free for the app. $.99 for US Domestic shipping. $1.99 for International shipping.

Download it here.



Are you on your way to Perth through unknown airports? Download LoungeBuddy for a comprehensive guide to lounges and clubs in the airports all over the globe that frees you from having to do all of the footwork. Including photos, pricing, pictures, reviews, amenities, and more, LoungeBuddy will take a look at your profile, likes, and dislikes, and pick out lounges that will fit your personal needs for one-time access, or for the more frequent traveller, long-term rates. This app also syncs directly with Concur so if you already have your itineraries uploaded, it’s a piece of cake to get started.

Available from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon. Price: Free.

Check it out here.

Travel List

Do your find your Post-It just isn’t cutting it for packing and preparing for your travel?  Take the guesswork, and the racking of the recesses of the brain, out of the already stressful equation by giving up total power to Travel List, an app designed specifically to factor in your itinerary, location, and length of stay. From reminding you that you’re headed on a business trip and wanted to take 4 suits to sending alarm notifications that you should charge your cell phone every day, it’s better than a mother going through a list of all the things you might need from top to bottom. Give mom a break and download this app to keep on schedule, it’s faster and at your fingertips, no matter where you’re heading.

Available for iPhone. Price: $1.99.

Buy it here.

FlightTrack 5

Created by Mobiata, FlightTrack 5 is the most comprehensive and detailed flight tracking service, and it’d have to be for the price tag. But not only does it send you any schedule deviations within 24 hours of your flight, but it also is perfect for figuring out when to pick up your friends and family from their flights. Between consolidating your flight tracker emails automatically, syncing with the Apple watch, showing real-time status for gate loading, runway stalling and more, as well as keeping track of the weather, seat assignments, and any cancellations or delays, its a one-stop shop for frequent travelers, and anyone switching airline companies mid-trip.

Available on iTunes, Google Play. Price: 4.99 euros.

Buy it here.

XE Currency

Unless you’re one of those people with stock market calculators in their brains, the XE Currency app will keep you with your pulse on the spending budget by changing any amount you have to your own preferred currency at the touch of a button. Not only that, but it will show you currency rates history and live exchange rates so you aren’t getting duped at when you go to change your money at the airport. While this may be one of the more practical, less sexy apps, it makes up for it in usefulness when you have no idea how much your bottle of water is.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android. Price: Free.

Check it out here.



Foursquare may get you to a restaurant, but Foodspotting does even more; going by a dish by dish outline, the app does more than just put you in an excellent place to eat, it also tells you exactly what’s good. With city maps dotted with little Instagram squares of gastronomic goodness, it’s easy to find a place not only with a meal that’s exactly fine-tuned to your taste, but one that’s close as well. Pick between different headings: meat, dessert, cookies, and make sure to upload your favorites as well—it adds to the collection and leaves a great travel of yumminess for the next traveller behind you.

Available for iPhone, Android. Price: Free.

Check it out here.

WiFi Finder

Instead of making a hide and seek game out of trying to catch the free internet wherever you go, download WiFi Finder, which does exactly what it’s name suggests and more. With over 650,000 wifi locations in over 140 countries worldwide, you can download the locations while offline in areas where you will be travelling so that once you can stay connected even without data. Utilizing the GPA location services already on your phone, it connects you to paid and free service and supplies the phone number and directions of your desired destination at the touch of your fingertips and without having to upgrade your plan to international whenever you travel.

Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Price: Free.

Download it here.


This isn’t your average audio tour app; not only is it the largest audio tour guide available but it works for over 300,000 locations and has a convenient airplane mode that allows you to access the great tips, travel stories, and must-see routes even when you don’t have data access. Categorized by landmarks, cultures, or location, you can tap into guides for solo traveling with no strings attached. Bonus: The GPS can select playlists to create continuous feeds of knowledge coming through your ears based on the location you’re currently in. Word to the wise: this feature can also wear down the battery so make sure to turn this feature off when not in use!

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android. Price: $3.99

Check it out here.


Looking for a comprehensive guide to site-specific storytelling? Check out the app by the Danish duo behind Recho, an audio tour app that allows you to make voice recordings and leave them in the cloud where they were recorded. When you want to go for a listen at specific sites, all you have to do is find your way to the location, and tap into the app’s inclusive database.  Everything from songs, poetry, tour guides, and more can be found hovering in the airspace around some of the world’s most famous, and in some places undiscovered, visitor hot spots. Special features include recordings that are never erased at the site, indoor and outdoor locations, and limited GPS or data availability has no effect on the app’s precision.

Available for iPhone, iTouch, iPad. Price: Free.

Download it here.


Solving every short-connection layover hunger ever, the AirGrub app connects its users to available food stops within international airports at the touch of a finger so you’re never hungry and lost at the same time ever again. Not only does it connect to your Apple Wallet, making for cardless transactions, but it also features VIP access to Grab and Go stations, earning miles while shopping for goodies, and receives email receipts that are perfect for expense reports. If you’re a frequent traveller who makes it a habit to know the ins and outs of airport fare, then this app is certainly a must-have.

Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android. Price: Free.

Check it out here.


Tapping into the ever-present (and trendy) population of the health conscious worldwide, Moves is a free app that goes beyond just tracking mileage via pedometer, but also creates a food journal so you know how many more steps it takes to walk off your favorite cappuccino. It automatically tracks not only walking and running but also cycling, plots your route on a map for easy access to your daily paths even after you’ve finished for the day, and it comes in multiple languages.

Available for iPhone, Android. Price: Free.

Download it here.


For people who can’t stand the idea of overpaying for international data plans, WhatsApp is a great way to use free internet anywhere to send private messages to friends and family next door or overseas. What makes it better than Facebook Messenger: it’s available on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia, and comes equipped to manage different languages so you can chat with all your traveling friends even after you have parted ways, no matter which phone brand they’re working with.

Available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia. Price: First year is free. $.99 annually.

Check it out here.

Everyone knows that it’s horrible to use up your precious GB space for apps that you’ll never use, but these are 17 reasons to actually tap into the great resources available at your fingertips; not only will it make traveling easier, but it will be a more fulfilling, enriching, and less stressful experience all around. So get to downloading and bon voyage!

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