Top 5 Things to Do at the Aquarium of Western Australia

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Of all the best things to do in Perth, the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA) is definitely on top of the list. A place for underwater adventures, Perth aquarium provides fun entertainment for both children and grown ups. Whether you are a visitor yourself or have friends visiting Perth, do not miss this spot!

Aquarium of Western Australia has one of the biggest tanks in Australia – the Shipwreck Coast, and is home to more than 4,000 of marine life species, starting from coral reefs and jelly fish, to large stingrays and sharks. To make your visit there flawless, here are the top things to do at AQWA.

Things to do at AQWA


Explore the underwater tunnel

The iconic underwater tunnel at the Aquarium of Western Australia is once-in-a-lifetime experience. Step on a moving conveyor belt that will take you on a journey through the transparent tunnel with stingrays, turtles, sharks, octopuses seahorses, and various fish species that swim up close.

There are many displays around the Perth Aquarium to admire marine life, such as crabs, jelly fish, star fish, crocodiles, and much more. There is no better place to take photos, except if you decide to…

Dive/snorkel with reef sharks

For adventurous visitors, dare to dive or snorkel with reef sharks at AQWA, and it will become one unforgettable experience. Take photos with these amazing creatures and wave at your friends on the other side of a glass.

Want to take it easy? Just do a session of snorkelling or diving with colourful fishes and other aquarium inhabitants. If you prefer staying dry, check out the Great Southern Coast and the Perth Coast exhibits to learn more about Australia’s marine life.


Check out the Stingray Bay and other displays

Just outside the Perth Aquarium building, you will be able to find a shallow Stingray bay, where you can spot graceful stingrays. Enjoy watching majestic stingrays glide from a viewing platform, or walk down the stairs to see them up close. Keep your eyes open, as there are many more displays and aquariums with a variety of marine life species.

Join one of the events

For your kids to have the most fun, bring them to one of the AQWA events. Let them enjoy time with friends at the Shark Sleepover during school holidays, or visit the famous Mermaids Show, loved by both kids and adults. As a cherry on top, let them play at the Mettams Pool and bring to an onsite cafe for a dessert after.

Walk around the Harbour and Sorrento Quay

Looking for something special to bring back home with you? Take a look at a gift shop at the Aquarium of Western Australia and cross out the souvenir shopping from your to-do list. After such a busy day, end it with a nice stroll along the calm Hillarys Boat Harbour, and enjoy a drink or meal at the Sorrento Quay.

Tips for visiting the Aquarium of Western Australia

Located approximately 20 km north of Perth in Hillarys, AQWA is only a short drive away from the Perth city center. If you are planning to use public transportation, catch a train on the Joondalup Line and switch to the local bus after.

Perth Aquarium is one of the favourite family spots to encounter thousands of marine life species. To make this learning experience even more fun, you can download iPhone or Android application, which is an interactive journey under the ocean that includes an audio tour and a game of spotto.

If you are travelling with kids and want to make a visit to Perth Aquarium educational, check out the AQWA’s activity sheets, which will help to plan an excellent excursion and engage your little ones.

AQWA prices

General admission tickets cost A$30 for adults, A$18 for children and free for infants. The prices vary for families, unlimited entry-tickets, concession, memberships, etc. Snorkelling and diving discoveries are priced A$49 and A$95 respectively, while prices for swimming with sharks are reasonably higher. Check out all the prices, including fees for groups and special events here.



A visit to the Aquarium of Western Australia should definitely be on your list when visiting Perth. A lovely adventure for everyone, AQWA is so worth your time and money. To maximise your stay in Perth, combine visiting Perth Aquarium, hanging out at the local hotspot Sorrento Quay, or enjoying Rottnest Island on the same day.

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